22 05, 2017

I was inspired by organic principles that can be static and dynamic at the same time, like water

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ATTILA STROMAJE | Designer | Stroo Design | Hungary Stroo Design is a start-up company giving home to the designer Attila Stromajer’s ideas to come to life. You will find uniquely designed furniture, lamps and [...]

22 05, 2017

“We are working towards establishing a PAN India presence”

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MARIA SAURI | Managing Director | Faus International Flooring | India Maria Sauri who became the Managing Director of Faus International Flooring in January, 2017, has been associated with Faus Group for more than a decade now. She [...]

16 05, 2017

‘The threat is from the Chinese products since they are cheap’

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DINESH CHENGAPPA | Managing Partner | Patio | Bangalore | India Dinesh Chengappa, after working for several furniture companies, both in India and abroad, decided to take a plunge into business eight years ago in Bengaluru. Today, PATIO - [...]

19 04, 2017

Art is a distant luxury for general masses, and this is an opportunity to expose the youth to the world of arts

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AVNISH GODHANI & AJIT JARIWALA | Founder | Times Art and Robotics | India Times was established in 2008 by a self-learned versatile personality ie an artist, a designer, a builder namely Avnish Godhani. His [...]

3 04, 2017

‘Our education system doesn’t give a chance to the students to develop the right side of their brain’

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PROF. GAURI KOTNIS SHIURKAR | Principal | McGAN's Ooty Schoool of Architecture Prof.Gauri Kotnis Shiurkar, Principal at McGAN's Ooty Schoool of Architecture has a long experience of setting up new Institutes and bringing them up to [...]

20 02, 2017

‘We want to be amongst the top five in the next couple of years’

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K R SHIVSHANKAR | Managing Director & CEO | Inovar Floors India Pvt. Ltd | India K.R. Shivshankar, Managing Director and CEO, Inovar Floors India Pvt Ltd, has more than three decades (out of [...]

6 02, 2017

‘We are still being very fragmented retail economy and I don’t see that changing in next 10-15 years’

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RAHUL KHER | Country Manager - Indian Sub-Continent | KEUCO | India Rahul Kher, Country Manager - Indian Sub-Continent, KEUCO GmBh & Co KG India is known for his unbridled passion for the company he [...]

3 01, 2017

We are planning to have our own manufacturing facility in India by 2020

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DEEPAK SHEWANI | MANAGING Director | MUPRO India Pvt Ltd | Mumbai Deepak Shewani, Managing Director, MUPRO India Pvt Ltd is a man with clear vision and has already drawn up his long term plans [...]

5 12, 2016

The main inspiration for this project is the flow of music

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STANLEY CLAYNE SANDSTRÖM | Sandström Consulting Services | USA Stan is the epitome of an “accidental artist.” It’s not an accident that Stan understands the significance of smart design and the joyful freedom that [...]

28 11, 2016

The main goal in designing this space was to support creative freedom

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THERESE VIRSERIUS | Founder & Principal  | Virserius Studio | New York and Paris Founder and principal Therese Virserius has enjoyed diverse educational and professional experiences that have allowed her to appreciate different cultures and [...]