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21 04, 2017

Which alternative building material according to architect Dr Anupama Kundoo is best suited for affordable housing in India?

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Dr. Anupama Kundoo is known for her in-depth material research to achieve architecture of low environmental impact, and development of building technologies that are socio-economically beneficial. She always believed that by using human resources [...]

12 04, 2017

Why conservation architect Abha Narain Lambah is not happy with the idea of trimming Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone?

By | 2017-04-13T13:27:08+00:00 April 12th, 2017|you know|0 Comments

Conservation architect Abha Narain Lambah, winner of 8 Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation awards, by nature is not conservative and is very practical in her views. In fact, she strongly believes that tall buildings are [...]

5 04, 2017

Which architecture students Prof Neelkanth Chhaya loved to teach the most at CEPT?

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Nairobi born Prof Neelkanth Chhaya is synonymous with Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad where he had spent more than three decades, six years as a student and 25 years as a [...]

29 03, 2017

Who influenced veteran architect Kamu Iyer to write book – Boombay: From Precincts to Sprawl?

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Veteran architect, Kamu Iyer wrote a book titled “Boombay: From Precincts to Sprawl” which was published in 2014. In this book, Iyer has described architectural features associated with Mumbai's most iconic buildings and precincts. [...]

22 03, 2017

What did the Dean ask Ar Sheila Sri Prakash when she had applied for architecture studies in Anna University

By | 2017-04-13T13:27:14+00:00 March 22nd, 2017|you know|0 Comments

Multi-faceted personality, world-renowned architect Sheila Sri Prakash doesn’t need any introduction but many may not be aware of the challenges she faced when she wanted to become an architect. When she had applied to [...]

14 03, 2017

Why Donald Trump was once called an ‘unenlightened developer’?

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It is not that Donald Trump became controversial only after he entered the US Presidential race, but he used to hog the limelight (usually for wrong reasons) even when he was just a businessman. [...]

7 03, 2017

What was Dr Vikram Sarabhai’s brief to late Charles Correa which made ECIL project extraordinary?

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It is always difficult, if not impossible, to live up to the expectations of a genius unless the other person too is nothing less than a genius. In this case it was Dr Vikram [...]

1 03, 2017

Who is the only MLA with architecture background in Uttar Pradesh’s outgoing Assembly?

By | 2017-04-13T13:27:30+00:00 March 1st, 2017|you know|0 Comments

It is a well-known fact that many people fighting UP Assembly elections have criminal background and even some of the Ministers in the outgoing Assembly are known to have some criminal cases pending against [...]

15 02, 2017

Who inspired Ratan Tata to take up architecture subject for studies in college?

By | 2017-04-13T13:27:33+00:00 February 15th, 2017|you know|0 Comments

Though Ratan Tata is known for his leadership qualities and management acumen, as a young boy it was the field of architecture which roused his interest the most. Why did Tata as a college [...]