Green Blue Leaf Bead Curtain

//Green Blue Leaf Bead Curtain

Green Blue Leaf Bead Curtain

SREETI MONDOL | Director & Principal Designer | Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB)

Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB) – design in beads, and its product is a reflection of who I am but mostly who I aspire to be. It is free spirited, boundless in creativity, buzzing with excitement & opportunity, yielding yet strong at the core, constantly evolving, attractive & unique, unpretentious and grounded in purpose. MOAB specializes in creating high-end customized Bead Curtains, Screens and Installations. It is a simple and malleable concept, the bead curtain. With the right creative treatment, it can make dramatic or subtle, albeit either way, very effective statements in interiors and architecture. It is the uniqueness of the bead curtain that allows me to create an edge by exploring extensively, in style, material, dimensions and design. The reward is in having happy customers who wouldn’t have imaged the joy a spectacular bead curtain can give them.

The Green Blue Leaf Bead Curtain is an adaptation of the Mehendi Leaf Bead Curtain which was created for a residence in London. This particular curtain was created for a residence in Bangalore, India. This Bead curtain is made up of Mehendi, light green and light blue colored small oval transparent glass beads as a base and Mehendi and white colored leaf cut glass beads, as embellishments.  Much like the Mehendi bead curtain, the overall effect achieved is that of creeper wine leaves.

The color palate and design is an effective way of bringing the warmth of nature into your home.

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