Some tips to keep your home cool in summer

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Some tips to keep your home cool in summer


Sasikala Rajeswaran, a journalist by profession and an architecture and interior design enthusiast has built an extensive network of friends in the field of architecture and interior design not only in the country but also across the globe. This in-fact has enabled her to do in-depth research and deliver quality stuff, that too in simple and declarative style.

It seems, in India, there are two things which move in only one direction – prices of essential commodities and summer heat. Though both are beyond the control of common man one can at least try to mitigate the effect of summer heat by taking some simple steps within home. Some of the steps suggested are:

  • People living on the topmost floor of the multi-home building are the worst victims of summer heat. They cannot do much on terrace to bring down the temperature without the permission of the building manager (or society management). However, simple things like stacking straw or bundle of hey on terrace can help to bring down the temperature inside. Underdeck insulation is another option for such people. It stops the radiant heat entering inside the houses that increase the temperature extremely. Having a false ceiling is another option which can help to bring down the room temperature as the air-filled gap between the two layers of ceilings cools the room down.
  • Keeping the windows and doors open during early morning and late in the evening will help to replenish the hot air filled within the room with cool air. Similarly, keep the doors of cupboards, almirahs, kitchen cabinets, shoe racks, etc. open for some time during the day. Normally, hot air gets stored in these places as there are no outlets for air to go out.
  • Growing plants in the balcony is also advised to keep the temperature under control. Not only that green plants help to cool the surroundings, even mud used to grow plants absorb the heat and act as insulation.
  • Using blinds along with curtains again acts like an insulator to heat from the sun. Using bamboo blinds is better especially in tropical country like India as it is a better insulator than metal blinds.
  • Painting the walls with lighter colour paints, preferably white paints is also suggested. Black and dark paints known to absorb heat which may add to room temperature and therefore, better be avoided.

Above all room need to be cross ventilated, which helps the air to move freely thus reducing the impact of summer heat.

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