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photographs:  SKELETON&SKIN.

Swing rack, a home studio series of skeleton&skin; design Sheng Yin

The inspiration for the design of Swing rack, a home studio series of skeleton&skin, comes from the Chinese style antique-and-curio shelves. Through analysis, we found that there were many intricate decorative elements, dispensable and cumbersome structures in the traditional antique-and-curio shelves. After repeated modifications, we transformed the massive plate supporting structures into the light-footed pillar, removed complicated drawers, closet doors and partitions to retain only…
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photographs: Tonino Lamborghini Casa.

Armchairs Formentera & Armchairs Gotham by Tonino Lamborghini Casa; Formitalia

ARMCHAIRS FORMENTARA BY TONINO LAMBORGHINI CASA; FORMITALIA Inspired by old car seats of past generations, the Formentera sofa and armchairs are loaded with retro charm that is perfect for rooms where one breathes warmth and vitality. The armchair with electric relax mechanism is coverd in very high quality leather quilted for the back and seat, leather for the top of the armrests and smooth for…
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photographs: Kukka.

Kukka releases ABCD and O Tables designed by designer Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz

Kukka Studio and designer Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz have launched two new table designs, ABCD and O in collaboration with Caesarstond and Prinz Optics. ABCD and O are both occasional side tables made of two different materials, dichroic glass and quartz. Inspired by reflection and refraction, absorbent and repellent, Kukka aims to create a dialogue between the two materials and demonstrate how the environment can influence the…
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photographs : KMC Egyptian Furniture & Interior.

The Living Room set designed by KMC Egyptian Furniture & Interior

The Living Room Set designed by KMC Egyptian Furniture & Interior are selected by the core design team at Cairo, using the special Romanian dried Birchwood. The designs are inspired from Egyptian history and art depicting elegance, authenticity and royalty. All products are hand sculpted in Egypt. The products are 24 carat gold inlay with handcrafted detailed carvings. SPECIFICATION 3-SEAT SOFA (1 nos.) 7-ft Length x 2.5-ft Breadth x…
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Photographs : Mohamed Rowaizak.

Spirit of Time Stool by Mohamed Rowaizak, M.M.R

Says Mohamed Rowaizak, “The most challenging yet most exciting part of the design process was the plausibility and application of the design into the real world. Innovating a construction process to reach the desired level of detail in the design was an exciting stage of the design process. For a long time humans attempted to imitate nature in creating inhabitable structures, some worked out other…
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photographs : Jinghui Li, 2015.

GEOMETRY Multifunctional furniture by Yifeng Wang

Says Yifeng Wang, “If a house is like a theatre, the furniture in it just like the actor. The pose and position of them have invisibly impact on our life. In designing the Geometry Functional Furniture, I strive to bring a new fresh life to the furniture, which can deliver more feelings and meanings to people. Mathematics as a pure theory subject may make people…
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photographs : Mula preta Design.

Donut Lounge Chair by Mula Preta Design

Says Architect Felipe Bezerra and Designer André Gurgel, “We derived our inspiration for Donut Lounge Chair from Donut. Everyone relates to food, and food brings out us so many emotions, perhaps the best ones. Our chair too was designed to establish a connection between the user and his emotions”. Sustainability and reuse of material was the key element of this project. Not putting aside the…
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photographs : Mitsuaki Hashida.

Pages Chair by Noriko Hashida, Noriko Hashida Designs

Says Noriko Hashida, “We differ in the length of a leg by sex, a race, shoes, and a posture. We are uncomfortable, if the heel has not arrived at a floor when sitting on a chair. Therefore, delicate adjustment is required”. The sample book of the cloth of an interior shop became the source of inspiration. The bearing surface of the Pages Chair is a form…
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photographs: Guillaume Fraysse,

Ami Bridge armchair; Patrick Sarran, QUISO

Says Patrick Sarran, “In 2010, my brother asked me to create 60 new armchairs for his restaurant. He needed something new, colored, comfortable, strong and stain-resistant. In France, almost all chair plants have disappeared. Making an affordable quality chair in short series is difficult for a craftsman. I had to take in account this constraint in my design. Fortunately I had two good subcontractors nearby,…
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photographs : Kukka.

Kukka explores simple geometry with its new Ridges collection

Kukka has launched ‘Ridges’, a new range of wall mounted shelves and coordinating containers, offering the home a simple geometry with a splash of color. Founder and designer Rona Meyuchas ‐ Koblenz was fascinated by the flexibility of metal folding technology and the metal itself being a commonly used material. Made from metal and therefore magnetic, the wall mounted shelves available in a landscape or…
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Kettal Riva Collection; design Jasper Morrison.

Kettal Riva Collection; design Jasper Morrison

The Riva collection of outdoor furniture is above all about achieving a certain atmosphere for the better enjoyment of outdoor space. The plank construction of seat and back follows a long and varied tradition of outdoor chairs made in similar ways, and  which in this case provide a high level of comfort and good looks! The Riva collection is a complete collection, dining armchairs, club…
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photographs: Gokce Yagmur.

The Monumental Chair, New York, United States; design Eray Carbajo

  The Monumental Chair, designed by Eray Carbajo, is an elegantly comfortable seating experience inspired by the crystalline elements in nature. Its unique polygonal form creates great comfort while presenting a visual feast for both indoor and outdoor use, whether in a lobby, living room or garden. With its handmade metal frame and seating, Monumental chair has modern form and durable structure. TECHNICAL SHEET Hand made, Hand…
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