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photographs: Boss Design Boss Design Trinetic.

Revolutionary Trinetic Task Chair, London, United Kingdom; design Boss Design

Trinetic by Boss Design is the world’s first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic support without the need for manual user adjustment. Design Director at Boss Design, Mark Barrell, comments: “Having completely deconstructed our market’s established ideas about how a task chair should move and what it should offer the user, Trinetic has set the benchmark for the next generation of office seating. Courtesy…
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photographs: López de Zubiria.

Contour Chair and Table, Ondarreta, 2016; design UN Studio

Contour is a table and chair combination that plays with functional ergonomic surfaces that dynamically transform into structural frame components. In the Contour chair smooth transitions are made between sharp angles and soft curves. All sides of the chair are equally important and interconnected with one another. For Contour, UNStudio and Ondarreta have fused traditional wood bending techniques and technical know-how with contemporary design. The…
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photographs: Frank Partridge.

An Early 18th Century Chinese Chest on Stand

Circa 1720 An exceptionally rare and probably unique early 18th century Chinese lacquer chest. The top section with rectangular moulded top in exquisite condition, with a border framing a raised scene depicting exotic buildings within landscape above three drawers all depicting similar scenes; retaining the original brass handles and escutcheons, the sides again featuring similar Chinese lacquer scenes. The lower section with moulded lip and…
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photographs: Giulio Cappellini.

Mill Contract released 2017; design Giulio Cappellini

For the contract world, Giulio Cappellini was inspired by new generations and their neo-nomadism in this series of modular seating system with a 75 cm depth, offering the possibility to create different compositions fitting large reception spaces. The padded system comprises sofas, end pieces, central and double sided, angular and beanbags with backrests, armrests available in two different heights. Covers are available with fabrics from…
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photographs: Nendo.

Roof Collection; design Nendo

Seemingly from the world of cartoons comes this new series comprising a desk and four consoles. Sharp lines and irony in open-ended cone forms with porthole on the top and hemmed at the bottom. Available in different heights and sizes. Made of plated metal in either matte white and black or pastel shades of pink, light blue and ecru
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photographs: Tonino Lamborghini Casa.

MARS & Banus Collection; design: Tonino Lamborghini Casa

The new collection MARS by Tonino Lamborghini Casa is characterized by and identified with a play of colours and contrasts. Minimal lines, top quality hides and a fierce spirit for a collection of upholstered items which catches your attention and offers the best comfort both for its seats and for its relax systems. The headrests, in fact, are completely reclining in an independent way and…
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photographs: Frank Partridge.

A Louis XV Cartel Clock; design Jean Pierre Perrache

Circa 1755 A wall-mounted gilt bronze clock, with an enamelled dial, is marked Perrache à Paris on the back plate and is numbered from I – XII in Roman numbers for the hours and from 5 – 60 in Arabic numbers for the minutes. The upper section shaped as a curvilinear entablature, decorated with exquisite ormolu flowers and leaves, is surmounted with a cherub. The…
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photographs: Formitalia Luxury Group.

Glamour Collection; design Formitalia

The Glamour Collection by Formitalia is embellished with new and refined items meant to furnish the most exclusive houses and make them unique. Original and fascinating accessories are made with attention to the smallest details - both as for forms and employed materials: sough-after fabrics, top quality hides, hand-crafted working for a collection characterised by an irresistible personality and strictly trendy. Armchair RACHELE RACHELE is…
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The Master Chair; design: Wen Hao.

The Master Chair; design: Wen Hao

The Master Chair inspired by the Officer Cap Chair, a traditional style in Ming style furniture. The chair is made of modern material and craft, thereby creating a new style for Chinese contemporary furniture, and representing the culture and aesthetic characteristic of modern China.
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photographs: FCDS.

Suit Series: Suit Lounge Chair & Stool; design Frank Chou

Suit Lounge Chair & Stool chooses brunet cloth close to the fashion sense as the main seat, as well as thin frame as the support part, and decorated with bright ornament partially. The slender metal smooth lines of the lounge chair and geometric fabric seat make a strong visual sense. The inspiration of designing the shape of stool is from top grade fashion suitcase. After…
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photographs: Haostyle.

The Dragon Chair, design Wen Hao

The Dragon Chair is inspired by round chair - a traditional chair in Ming style furniture. The chair is made of modern material and craft creating a new style for Chinese contemporary furniture and represent the culture and aesthetic characteristic of modern China. The Dragon Chair had won the Golden Prize in the Glodaxe Furniture Design Competition China, which was held in the 17th China…
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photographs: Frank Partridge.

A Directoire Ormolu Mantel Clock representing America, signed by Armingaud L’Aine

The clock case is surmounted by the seated figure of an Indian with a bow in one hand and a spear in the other, resting her feet on the head of an alligator, with a palm tree to the side.  The case rests on an arched architectural base, set in the angles with chased ormolu palm branches, with a border of blue enamel roundels and…
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