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photographs: Artist and Sculptor, Cathy Azria.

Cathy Azria’s minimal, modern metalworks transform any landscape

‘I have always been attracted to the inner temple of the fireplace,' says Azria. 'I love the idea of entertaining the flames; giving them an installation to play around.' Artist and Sculptor, Cathy Azria, creates bespoke steel fire sculptures to commission, from her London workshop. Crafted from steel, they can be made to order in any size, in a range of contemporary styles. Once heated by a real flame within,…
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Kettal Riva Collection; design Jasper Morrison.

Kettal Riva Collection; design Jasper Morrison

The Riva collection of outdoor furniture is above all about achieving a certain atmosphere for the better enjoyment of outdoor space. The plank construction of seat and back follows a long and varied tradition of outdoor chairs made in similar ways, and  which in this case provide a high level of comfort and good looks! The Riva collection is a complete collection, dining armchairs, club…
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Petalis Lounge Urban Lounge by Helen Brasinika.

Petalis Lounge Urban Lounge by Helen Brasinika

Inspired by the ability of concrete to transcend its common usage, the Petalis Lounge Urban Lounge by Helen Brasinika is seeking to redefine the boundaries of the medium through innovative works that showcase its variability, fluidity and warmth. While acknowledging to the needs of our community and environment, the challenge was to explore the boundaries of concrete and keeping in tune with the needs of contemporary…
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photographs : Bllend creative team.

Word of Mouth Urban bench; Helen Brasinika

People that are partially or permanently visually impaired place an important and vital emphasis on textures and materials in order to perceive the world around them. Their written language is in braille - a system developed using imposed dots, which help develop reading materials and widespread knowledge while empowering equal opportunities to education. Therefore, touch and dissemination of information verbally become a strong communication and…
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photographs: Vir Karamchandani.

Vento Seating System; design Vir Karamchandani

"The project Vento Seating System designed by Vir Karamchandani was inspired by visions of the future. How can furniture and seating systems be taken to the next level. A combination of Desk and Field Research was conducted for this project. The methodologies were varied. Primary desk research included finalizing materials and manufacturing processes. Collecting and analysing anthropometric data. Field Research included, visits to a few factories…
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Bend blue by Magnus Long


Bend designed by Magnus Long is a simple, versatile upholstered bench seat for public spaces that can be specified en-masse to diffuse architectural lines into more manageable spaces, as well as creating more formal seating schemes. Upholstered using a hard wood frame and CME multi density foam in a wide range of contract fabrics and leathers.
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Charlot Outdoor Chair

"Charlot" by Sika-Design calls to mind of those bygone times, but it also fits perfectly in today's gardens with children playing on the grass and ice on the terrace. Charlot chair is available in chestnut, antique brown or vintage white. Cushions in white or taupe grey. SPECIFICATIONS: Width             57cm Height            84cm Depth        …
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Outdoor,lounge area.

Liz Lounge Chair

Create a cozy area at the corner of office space or decorate bedroom coffee table with Artmatrix’s perfect break-out chair - LIZ Lounge chair. Artmatrix is the in-house brand of Vector Projects (I) Pvt Ltd - a leading brand in modular furniture and chairs with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. With its sleek looks and comforts of a leisure chair, LIZ is available in two very lively…
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