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photographs: Giulio Cappellini.

Mill Contract released 2017; design Giulio Cappellini

For the contract world, Giulio Cappellini was inspired by new generations and their neo-nomadism in this series of modular seating system with a 75 cm depth, offering the possibility to create different compositions fitting large reception spaces. The padded system comprises sofas, end pieces, central and double sided, angular and beanbags with backrests, armrests available in two different heights. Covers…
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photographs: Nendo.

Roof Collection; design Nendo

Seemingly from the world of cartoons comes this new series comprising a desk and four consoles. Sharp lines and irony in open-ended cone forms with porthole on the top and hemmed at the bottom. Available in different heights and sizes. Made of plated metal in either matte white and black or pastel shades of pink, light blue and ecru
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photographs: Nathan Devreese.

Trapesi – The Bistro Table Reimagined, Kortrijk, Belgium; design Phebos Xenakis – Silver at European Product Design Award

Phebos Xenakis recently won silver at the European Product Design Award with his project ‘Trapesi’ in the category of Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories. When visiting a café, it is an obvious peoples' question where to put their bag or purse. The challenge was to create a system that solved this problem. Each corner of the Trapesi table consists…
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photographs: Tonino Lamborghini Casa.

MARS & Banus Collection; design: Tonino Lamborghini Casa

The new collection MARS by Tonino Lamborghini Casa is characterized by and identified with a play of colours and contrasts. Minimal lines, top quality hides and a fierce spirit for a collection of upholstered items which catches your attention and offers the best comfort both for its seats and for its relax systems. The headrests, in fact, are completely reclining…
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photographs: Frank Partridge.

A Louis XV Cartel Clock; design Jean Pierre Perrache

Circa 1755 A wall-mounted gilt bronze clock, with an enamelled dial, is marked Perrache à Paris on the back plate and is numbered from I – XII in Roman numbers for the hours and from 5 – 60 in Arabic numbers for the minutes. The upper section shaped as a curvilinear entablature, decorated with exquisite ormolu flowers and leaves, is…
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photographs: Formitalia Luxury Group.

Glamour Collection; design Formitalia

The Glamour Collection by Formitalia is embellished with new and refined items meant to furnish the most exclusive houses and make them unique. Original and fascinating accessories are made with attention to the smallest details - both as for forms and employed materials: sough-after fabrics, top quality hides, hand-crafted working for a collection characterised by an irresistible personality and strictly…
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photographs: FCDS.

Fan Side Table; design Frank Chou

Fan Side Table fusions ingenious design method and chic skills, both practical and aesthetic. The minimal outlook is attractive. This side table is composed of mutually parallel and well-spaced desktops with metal frame, forming interesting connecting sense in visual. Both of the upper and lower layers can be used for storage. Also available are rounded tabletop edition and rectangular tabletop edition…
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photographs: Atelier Swarowski.

Crista – centrepiece in crystal and metal; design Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid designed an imposing centerpiece 'Crista' in crystal and metal. Taking as its starting point an investigation into the process of crystallization occurring in nature, the design is also notable for its use of Swarovski’s new Wave Cut technology, which was launched in late 2016.
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