After researching about people across various walks of life, we noticed something: people are mobile, even when seated. Whether you’re a homemaker, a student, or a professional, Buoy from Steelcase lets you move freely. So feel free to pull up a seat. Or lean in. Or hunker down. Mobility matters. With Buoy weighing just 20 pounds, you can sit back and relax wherever you wish to.


Movement is good for you, which is why Buoy swivels, turns, tilts and moves up and down. It’s active sitting. It is flexible at the perimeter to allow a range of postures without pinching or cutting off circulation of the legs.


Size doesn’t matter—Buoy is designed for everyone. Which is why Buoy comes with a generous 18 inch diameter and provides five and a half inches of height adjustability with the lift of a lever. A curved base encourages active sitting. It saves a lot of space as compared to conventional furniture.


Pick a color. Choose a cap. And make buoy your own. If you decide you’re no longer into your old cap, swap it out for a new one. With six bold colors and endless ways to personalize, which means Buoy never gets old. With British fashion designer Paul Smith’s Exaggerated Plaid, it is sure to draw attention.


Buoy will accompany you at your outdoor vacations. It will spark up your backyard and drive-thru. Settle down on the comfortable Buoy in an elevator or a mall. Enjoy your conversations in a Café with Buoy. The swirling chair is ideal for kids and can be easily put out in play areas and schools. Take a break while working out in the gym or shopping in a supermarket when buoy is around. The colorful buoy will also find a place in offices and conference rooms. Buoy goes wherever you go, even in your dream.


Founded in 1912 as the Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is over 100 years old. Our innovation legacy began in 1914 when we received our first patent for the manufacturing process developed to make a strong, durable, low-cost fireproof wastebasket – a major innovation at that time. Looking back, it’s clear our company has always been about looking forward. Our past, present and future are all about turning insights into innovations that unlock the promise of people at work and make the world a better place.



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