Edge is a new table system developed by PearsonLloyd that spans the divide between workplace and hospitality, between independent table and full desking system. Offering complete flexibility, Edge embraces the mixed demands of a modern workplace, from the intimate, creative studio to the high density desking of a corporate environment. Unlike traditional, heavy, goalpost desks, Edge remains visually and functionally simple. With its beautifully engineered aluminium knuckle and extruded aluminium legs, Edge has an unburdened, refined aesthetic and total adaptability. Starting with a simple table from which to eat, meet or work, the system can be scaled up to function as a large workbench or touchdown area and customized with accessories  acoustic screens, trays, shelves and lamp holders -to ensure a clutter free workspace.


1__1431587581_183.87.47.19PearsonLloyd is an award winning multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Central London. The studio’s work focuses on design for manufacture and strategic research in the fields of furniture, transport design and the public realm. Recent projects include the new First Class Seat for Virgin Atlantic Airways launched in July 2003, and projects for Artemide, Knoll International, Magis and Walter Knoll. PearsonLloyd has won numerous awards through out Europe for their work and were voted the FX Designers of the Year 2002.


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