We are planning to have our own manufacturing facility in India by 2020

//We are planning to have our own manufacturing facility in India by 2020

We are planning to have our own manufacturing facility in India by 2020

DEEPAK SHEWANI | MANAGING Director | MUPRO India Pvt Ltd | Mumbai

Deepak Shewani, Managing Director, MUPRO India Pvt Ltd is a man with clear vision and has already drawn up his long term plans for the company and also the ways to achieve them. Mr Shewani, a management graduate from Dresden University, in an exclusive interview with Sawdust talks about the future plans and products of MUPRO India Pvt Ltd, an Indian subsidiary of German company MUPRO who is a leading supplier of support systems and vibration control technology.

Tell us about your company Mupro and your journey in India so far?

MUPRO India Pvt Ltd (MIPL) is the latest subsidiary of MUPRO Germany. It started its operations in India on 18 November 2014. MUPRO as a brand is having 50 years of experience in manufacturing and providing German engineered products for support systems, vibration control technology and fire protection systems. The MUPRO group of companies is represented worldwide, with 6 service centres in Germany, 13 subsidiaries and more than 20 international sales partners worldwide. MUPRO products are used in more than 50 different countries, where MUPRO offers the installing craftsman an assembly system with the solution for nearly all attachment assignments including the essential structure-borne vibration de-coupling. Journey of Mupro in India has been a successful one and MIPL is one of the best young subsidiaries in the group and has been sharing new solutions for easy installation to the industry.

Kindly comment on your premium fastening solutions? How is your fastening solutions different from and better than others?

  • Mupro Products are safe, secure and easy to install.
  • We provide solutions which are backed up by detailed design calculations. This makes the fastening solution of Mupro much safer and secure compared to traditional method used in the MEP and HVAC Industry today.
  • Mupro products comply with international standards and have various international approvals like RAL, FM, VDS, ETA etc. which are missing with other local manufacturers.
  • India being a price sensitive market Mupro solutions are economical as the amount of steel used in traditional installation is 3 times more heavier than Mupro Modular supports. Traditional welded methods are rigid and more time consuming whereas Mupro Support Systems requires Zero welding and only nut & bolting.

Does your vibration control products make the building completely sound proof? Can you share with us some of the prestigious projects done in India for vibration control?

Our Vibration control products does not make the building completely sound proof, but it doesn‘t allow the vibration to transfer on to the structure. Some of our prestigious projects Include:

  • German Consulate, Mumbai
  • Mahindra Antheia, Pune
  • ITC, Kolkata

Tell us about fire protection solution provided by Mupro? In terms of cost will it have a major impact?

We have two types of Fire Protection Systems:

  • Active Fire Protection: We provide Sprinkler Pipe Supports by providing FM/UL Approved Clamp
  • Passive Fire Protection: We are looking forward to launch the product for this segment in the coming years.

Do you have any manufacturing set up in India? If no, do you have any plans to set up one in India?

Currently we do not have local manufacturing facility, but we are definitely planning to have one by 2020.

There is a view that recent demonetisation plan implemented by Indian government may affect Realty sector in the short term. How are you planning to cope with that?

We welcome the demonetization by government as we hardly have any transactions in cash with our customers. As far as realty sector is concerned, I think it will be more positive for our company as realty sector needs to change to better system which will save their cost and Mupro is the best option available for them.

What are your future plans for India? Do you have any plans to introduce other products of the group in India?

We wish to educate and cater to the market by promoting safe, secure, easy and economical installation, not just on land but also in case of:

  • Ship Building
  • Solar
  • Passive Fire Protection.
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