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StandTable, PROOFF

Stand up to join up. Standing is better for us than sitting. Standing while working increases productivity, creativity, metabolism, life expectancy and effective communication. It accelerates decision-making and decreases absenteeism. There is a growing understanding concerning today’s work spaces - be they located within offices or in public spaces – that encouraging an active approach from the user brings with it a broad range of health…
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Gemini, Artifort

Gemini for Artifort by UNStudio has been designed as individual furniture pieces which can be placed as single seating elements, in pairs or in groups of various sizes and configurations. The concept for the design of the chair centers on flexibility of movement, versatility in seating positions and variety in spatial experiences. Set upon an asymmetric frame, the generously proportioned single-surface body of the chair…
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After researching about people across various walks of life, we noticed something: people are mobile, even when seated. Whether you’re a homemaker, a student, or a professional, Buoy from Steelcase lets you move freely. So feel free to pull up a seat. Or lean in. Or hunker down. Mobility matters. With Buoy weighing just 20 pounds, you can sit back and relax wherever you wish to.…
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